Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'Enlightenment in a Paranoid Sense'


All our troubles are alike twinkling stars,
More so evident the darker the night,
If you may dare not to give up the fight,
And wait humbly for the speck of first light,
They will still be there as camouflaged scars.

The recurring writhe thus festered with time,
Deepening the scars to be plain to all,
To all, the pain is camouflaged astral,
Lightened be the path for those who stand tall,
Still walk must he tall to pay for his crime.

It's a path worth walking in all its glory,
It's a dawn worth waiting for all it brings,
Like a butterfly first times flutters its wings,
To the tune of peace and freedom it sings,
Per se, is a reward of self-victory.

-ashay(19th feb, 2k13, 0007 hours)

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