Friday, August 19, 2011

'The last hope'

Sometimes when the alive ones are too busy to lend an ear, it's the fallen that you turn to...

'The last hope'

In search of thee,
I wander alone,
The light I see,
Once brightly shone.
I beg to thee,
The past to atone,
To make me free,
Many-a-loss I bemoan.

The misty eyes,
A yearning stare,
The hushed cries,
speak of despair,
An emptiness rise,
That doesnot spare,
Neither daft nor wise,
Nor those that dare.

The morning sun,
Illuminates the grave,
A mourning son,
Struggles to be brave,
The night not won,
The night of slave,
Reminiscent of the fallen,
The last hope He gave.

-ashay(19th,aug,2k11, 0231 hours)

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