Sunday, January 17, 2010

'The longest night of my far...'

HE lay cold and still,
Deep asleep into the eternal slumber,
Unmoved nd resolute HE remained to the cries of HIS loved ones,
"Father, wake up!!", HIS boy cried hoping that HE'd open HIS eyes,
But the futile attempts all went in vain,
HE remained a silent spectator to the cries of his beloved,
The boy wept and consoled thyself and his mother,
Bearing the weight on his sinking heart
That was becoming heavier and heavier 
With every passing second,
Numbness crept over,
He knew no emotions were strong enough to break him,
But sumhow at that moment,
He was rendered helpless,
'Cause his Father were'nt there to consolidate him...

What do you do when your biggest strength becomes your biggest weakness?

What do you do when you are helpless to stop HER perpetually flowing tears?

What do you do when the feeling of 'eternal sadness' takes over?

What do you do when you are obliged to fight back your tears, even though you know you are fighting a losing battle, for the sake of your beloved?

Some questions can't be answered,
I perceived this on the longest night of my far...

As I paid my last tributes to HIM, the words of Gandhiji echoed in my mind, "There are no goodbyes in life for You will live in my heart forever."
Love You Dad. :'(

-ashay(jan 17th,2k10,0256 hours)

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