Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Wishes don't come true'

Meter : First and Third Lines - Tetrameter; Second and Fourth Lines - Trimeter

I wish the time would stop right now,
And everything would just freeze,
And dark dreams would vanish right now,
So I could live in peace.

I wish a new day would not dawn,
Till this illness has gone,
It's turned me into it's pawn,
I wish to be unborn.

I wish to go into exile,
A burden I've become,
'Cause right now this life seems futile,
And I am not welcome.

I wish there was a guide who'd help,
And befriend this lone heart,
And rescue me 'fore hearing my yelp,
From miles and miles apart.

-ashay(7th feb, 2k13, 1246 hours)

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