Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lost in translation

Meter - Tetrameter
Rhyme scheme - ABBA

Words don't stand by me anymore;
I get lost in their twisted tales,
And never talk about my fails
Though it's become a daily chore.

Though silent musings tell-a-tale,
How often do we find a soul,
With whom we connect as a whole,
Whose heart can understand this tale?

If you have found this person now,
Just let your loving heart go bare;
Second chances are often rare
And so unto Love make a vow.

To love with pure heart, old or young,
For a sacred vow holds till death,
It must be fulfilled with each breath,
So cross your heart and bite your tongue.

  - ashay(5th April, 2k14, 0315 hours)

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