Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Late night musings

good night: because when the dark falls and even your shadow leaves you, my wishes will still be by your side.

unconditional love: when you know you will always be the first to say it but regardless you keep saying it.

compassion: you are famished yet you share your food with a stranger.

motivation: a heart drunk on inspiration.

happiness: a forced effort turned habit.

mass writing spree: a heart vomiting.

writer's block: the aftermath called hangover.

emptiness: because I am not shallow.

silence: the longest moment.

60% lust, 60% love: The sole person dominating your thoughts after waking up, before falling asleep and in between.

dreamless nights: because my dream has come true.

dreams: a magical place that gets more realistic with age.

mother: who else loved you even before you were born?

childhood friends: ego meets its nemesis.

philosophy: gossiping for the 2%.

home: shelter with a heart.

words: telepathy.

thoughts: godlike.

irony: when god sneezes and whispers 'bless myself!'

mind: tamed, nirvana; untamed, a beautiful tragedy.

tragedy: living death.

common sense: what?

sense of humor: something you are told to have when you get offended by someone's idea of joke.

social network: less social, the more the network.

temptation: a steeper gradient.

opinion: one too many.

fact: a proven opinion.

truth: an omnipresent fact.

God: 1 ÷ 0 * truth.

Satan: because every yin has a yang.

nature: law.

punishment: going against nature.

miracle: existence.

magic: miracle.

poet: a scarred human.

poem: a permanent scar.

writer: Experience. Persistence. Imagination. Curiosity. EPIC.

sleep: a temporary solace.

death: an unknown constant.

life: an unknown variable.

organized religion: manmade opiate.

faith: crutch.

blind faith: blind seeing dog guiding a blind human on crutch.

trust: a hint of doubt.

anger: quick sand.

depression: there is always a reason.

schizophrenic: never alone.

suicide: too eager to meet the maker.

ego: a self-hosted no-holds-barred contest.

zenith: where humans aspire to reach.

nadir: where the living dead survive.

name: a convenience for others.

I: a transition.