Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's a common adversary that you and I share,
It teaches us more than we could possibly care,
Even the wisest of them all it does not ever spare,
It befalls like an unannounced guest, so always beware.

Like a feather on the breeze it gently sneaks by,
Like a burden it sits on your shoulders on the sly,
A fleeting moment's reluctance and it'll make you sigh,
A few more of them feathers will surely make you cry.

Be unafraid of its outcome, dont hide when you make one,
There should be neither any shame nor any concern,
Just make way for new ones, for you are sure to learn,
Be it huge, be it small, someday its importance you'll discern.

For it's one of the wisest protégé under nature's rule,
Just like its mentor, it's sometimes harsh and cruel,
But in its recurrence dwells an all-powerful jewel,
That it's never too late to learn from this old-faithful.

I applaud to thee, oh wisest of them all "Nature",
For bestowing upon mankind this unique feature,
All are wise to ask for its forgiveness in their prayer,
Yet not all wise enough to harness its untamed power.

-ashay(4th august, 2k11, 1128 hours)

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