Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'Duality of love'

This one was inspired by Tennyson's In Memoriam...

'Duality of love'

Down the valleys, up the hill,
The sound echoes of a dying will,
Away it fades, for a dying heart
Has ceased to exist, it's cold and still!

Mourning blues; A sound of cry, 
Wafts through the cold night sky;
Up above the heavenly abode
It dwells, reminisces her last goodbye.

Tis world so cruel; darkest times,
A gaping hole, sustaining life
With no heart's glee, surviving but
Tis cold warfare with a pretentious smile.

Oh! But nature, its harshest rules,
Toughest survivors sway with blues,
But warmth of care, heartily love,
tis nature's remedy, 'em you use!

For certain is, a gallant role
Of love, in nature's dark hell-hole;
To a killing curse, at times of despair,
Or to a cradle of mirth, a new born soul!


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