Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'The selfish heart'

YES, YES he is selfish!!! honestly, dont do the crime if you cant do the time...

'The selfish heart'

He dwells in his own dell,
Oblivious and isolated,
Often whiny and wicked,
Never to come out of his shell.

He ignores everyone he meets,
Has place for none at his home,
Frankly, he's aloof and all alone,
With straight smile to all he greets.

Love isn't a part of his skill,
He thinks it's a vile crime,
For he knows he can't do the time,
Yet he falls for the age old drill.

Alas! He is shattered, wasted and sore,
Begging to self, "don't repeat it, please!"
But the selfish bastard that he is,
He is ready to die once more.

-ashay (6th Jan, 2k12, 0151 hours)

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