Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'You didn't fail'

'You didn't fail'
You have an untapped power within yourself,
You have the midas touch in your words,
You have the patience to be calm at times,
That'd shatter even the mightiest of hearts!

You have the courage to face this world alone,
But that's just a deceiver 'cause you can never be alone,
For the whole world might deceive you and leave you,
But you'd never leave the whole world on its own.

For such a Grande heart you have,
That could engulf all the pain in the world,
Yet a smile would shine on your pretty face,
A mark of a true spirit of human race.

Those lonesome yet happy few spirits,
That've been sheltered under your heart's shade,
Those lucky few, to have received love from you,
Would forever be indebted to you even beyond their death-bed!

A wistful thinker would conquer himself,
Would surmount all of his worst fears,
His nightmares would turn into damsels,
Just let your goodwill be with him forever.

For when you try to help someone,
Failure but never can triumph past through you,
For being attached to you even by the flimsiest relationship,
Is a greater hope for him than any worldly virtue.

-ashay(9th march,2k11,1311 hours)

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